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Auto and Motorsports Dealerships Insurance in West Jordan

If you own a car or motorsports dealership in the West Jordan area, you already know that your industry has some tremendous risks involved. Vehicles can be stolen from the lot, you could lose inventory from natural causes like weather or disasters, one of your employees could damage a customer’s vehicle when it’s brought in for repairs, rental vehicles loaned to customers while their vehicle is in the stop can be damaged or destroyed, accidents can happen when customers take a vehicle out for a test drive, etc.

None of these costs are minor. The cost of a lost or damaged vehicle can start in the thousands and can grow exponentially from there. Now, these hypothetical disasters and damages probably have your heart racing. Luckily, you can protect your West Jordan auto and motorsports dealership with an insurance policy tailor made for your business with Intermountain Business Insurance.

Intermountain Business Insurance has been helping all kinds of businesses in the West Jordan area secure the insurance policies they need to operate with confidence. We strive to educate insurance prospects and clients alike about the potential risks for loss unique to them or their products and figure out the best way to prevent any potential financial loss.

Our insurance expertise is second only to our commitment to customer service. When you choose to get your auto and motorsports dealership’s insurance with Intermountain Business Insurance, we aren’t only concerned with getting you the best coverage that works for your budget, we want to build a positive, working relationship. It isn’t enough to know carriers and rates inside and out. You need an insurance partner who knows how to customize solutions for you. And we can’t do that unless we take the time to get to know you and your business.

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Auto and Motorsports Dealership Insurance Features

When you have the right insurance policy for your West Jordan dealership, it can turn a crisis into a manageable situation. Rather than scramble to figure out how you can stay afloat amid a crisis, you can relax and spend the time giving your business the attention it needs to run smoothly.

Working with Intermountain Business Insurance means finding the policy and rates that work best for your budget and needs. When you give us a call today, let us know:

  • How many vehicles are on display on your lot
  • What types of vehicles you sell
  • What addition services your dealership offers (i.e., vehicle repair, paint jobs, etc.)
  • How many employees you have

Our goal is to make sure you are fully protected and our talented risk assessors can help you find threats and hazards you may have overlooked. With our perfectly tailored policies, you can proceed with confidence.

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