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Contractor’s Insurance in West Jordan and Nationwide

If you are a general contractor in the West Jordan and Nationwide area, we don’t need to remind you that you face a wide variety of risks with every job you accept. No matter what you are building, renovating or tearing down, it’s your responsibility to respect the residential or commercial property you are working on while making sure your employees are safe. As if this wasn’t enough to weigh on your mind, you have to do these things while making sure you are on schedule and under budget. Needless to say, the risk management aspect of being a general contractor is grossly underrated especially because no matter how many precautions you take, accidents do happen.

And while you can’t prevent accidents from happening, you can work with an insurance company that cares about you and your business. For general contractors in the West Jordan and Nationwide area who want to work with a trusted partner who cares about protecting their business, get in touch with Intermountain Business Insurance today. We have been helping general contractors in the West Jordan and Nationwide get policies tailored to their needs for several years.

With so much experience working with contractors in the area, our agents understand that your insurance needs can change in a moment’s notice. That is why we offer dependable, flexible service to make sure your insurance needs are met no matter what the job calls for.

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Our Contractor’s Insurance Packages Cover

As we mentioned above, we have had enough experience insuring contractors based in the West Jordan and Nationwide that we understand how quickly insurance needs can change in this business. Regardless of what you need, we always try to include coverage on problems typically associated with the risks of construction and renovation project, including risks to your employees, the work site and anyone or any equipment involved. So, we offer policies that combine:

  • Business Owner’s Policy
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Of course if certain things, like commercial vehicle insurance for example, don’t apply to the task at hand, we are committed to working with you to get you the exact coverage you need. Not only do we want to make sure all your bases are covered by the contractor’s insurance policy we broker, we also want to make sure that it makes sense for your budget.

If you aren’t sure how much or what type of insurance you need, give us a call today and one of our agents will be happy to speak with you.

The Intermountain Business Insurance Difference

A big reason why general contractors are flocking to Intermountain Business Insurance for their insurance is because we are committed to collaborating with you. Getting your company the right policy is our priority, but so is building a lasting relationship.

So, if you want to work with an insurance company that cares about your needs, call (801) 446-3000 to get started.

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