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Employee Communication Services in South Jordan

It doesn’t matter if your South Jordan business is large, medium or small, your employees are guaranteed to have questions about their salaries, the benefits you offer them, their retirement plans, etc. And as you know, delivering messages to employees about these sensitive matters can be closer to sending a message in a bottle than a direct conversation. No matter what kinds of internal changes your organization is making, it is important that everyone, no matter what their role is, be kept abreast of what’s going on. To make sure that your most important messages are reaching the intended audience in a clear, easy to understand voice, get in touch with Intermountain Business Insurance and inquire about our employee communication services.

One of the reasons more businesses choose Intermountain Business Insurance to provide employee communication services is that we have a ton of experience dealing all types of industries located in South Jordan. From car dealerships to trucking companies to family-owned retail stores, we can handle all your employee communication needs. Our approach to employee communications begins with understanding you and your business. Once we have a handle on your business’s values and what you want to convey to your employees, we can craft a custom communication strategy or communication assets so that everyone in your organization is on the same page.

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Employee Benefits Communication

Aside from paychecks, benefits are the most important thing to South Jordan employees. And although they are incredibly important, isn’t it rather ironic that very few employees understand the benefits available to them or how to make the most of the benefits they have earned.

Of course, we understand that the language insurance companies use is designed to be confusing. And since your employees likely have families to spend time with and work to do, finding the time to decipher the benefits they have is next to impossible. You certainly don’t have time to spare to figure out what type of benefits are available to everyone on staff and translate it into plain English, which is why our employee benefits communication services can be so handy.

When you call (801) 446-3000 and ask about our employee benefits communication services, we will be happy to create easy-to-navigate benefits guides that provide an overview of the benefits you offer employees. When you are able to provide your employees with this important resource that makes sense of all the pros of working for your organization, you should expect to see an uptick in productivity, morale and overall satisfaction.

Compensation Communication

Communicating compensation to employees can be challenging, since most pay and bonus programs are complicated. We can develop simply, visual communication tools that makes sense of your bonus programs, incentive compensation, stock and stock option plans.

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