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Health and Wellness Insurance in Salt Lake City

If you own or operate a health and wellness center in the Salt Lake City area, you need to make sure you have all the necessary protections against any unforeseen circumstances that could end up costing you in the long run. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gym, yoga studio or day spa, your facility has its fair share of risks. You might own special equipment that can be costly to replace, or an employee or client could injure themselves on your property, which could mean you are liable if you aren’t insured.

Just because your goal is to help people get healthy and improve their overall quality of life doesn’t mean you can operate under the assumption that nothing will go wrong. Accidents happen, even in the health and wellness industry, which is why you must be protected. And when it comes to getting health and wellness insurance for your Salt Lake City facility, there is no better option than Intermountain Business Insurance.

Intermountain Business Insurance has been helping health and wellness facilities in the Salt Lake City area get the coverage they need to operate with confidence. We specialize in creating custom policies that make sure the unique needs of your business are covered. We have been able to provide tailor-made health and wellness insurance policies by taking the time to get to know your business and its goals, priorities, etc. By getting our insurance experts on the case, you can rest assured knowing that your health and wellness business is protected against these unforeseen circumstances that can derail the growth of your enterprise.

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What’s Included in our Health and Wellness Insurance

At Intermountain Business Insurance, we credit our continued success with our ability to create custom insurance solutions for any industry, including the health and wellness industry. No two gyms, spas or fitness studios have identical needs. That said, there are a few things we make sure to include in every health and wellness insurance package we provide to businesses like yours. They are:

General Liability


Accidents happen, especially when there’s specialty exercise equipment and sweat involved. If an employee or client gets injured anywhere on your property, they can claim your business is at fault. If this happens, general liability insurance offers protection from the many types of claims that can be made in this situation.

Commercial Property


Fire, theft or similar unforeseen circumstances can be a burden. But with commercial property insurance, your business will be reimbursed for any loss of income associated with property loss.

Worker’s Compensation


If you employ personal trainers, no matter how good they at their job, they can injure themselves. Even if you don’t employ someone who is putting their body through duress day in and day out, make sure you are protected from potential lawsuits from any potential injuries that happen to your employees under your watch.

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