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Hospitality Insurance in Salt Lake City and Nationwide

The average person might not think that hotels and resorts require insurance, but as an owner or manager of a Salt Lake City and Nationwide hotel or resort, you know better. There are all kinds of different opportunities for losses in the hospitality industry. Like most businesses, you need to be insured for employee claims of harassment or wrongful dismissal, damage to shuttle vans or injuries to passengers and injury or damages from guest intoxication. There are also unique risks like guest slip and fall injuries, allegations of theft from guest rooms and things of this nature.

If you are in the hospitality industry, you can’t operate your facility in good conscience without insurance. Of course, finding the right hospitality insurance policy that meets your needs and works for your budget is no easy feat. And that is precisely where Intermountain Business Insurance comes in.

Rather than spend your valuable time trying to find a hospitality insurance policy that makes sense for your Salt Lake City and Nationwide hotel or resort, call (801) 446-3000 and let our experienced agents navigate the complex markets on your behalf. When you do, you’ll be free to focus on more important things like the comfort of your guests or the morale of your employees.

Intermountain Business Insurance has helped many hotels and resorts in the Salt Lake City and Nationwide area get the right coverage and we are confident we can find the perfect policy for you. One of the reasons we have continued to successfully procure unbeatable policies to businesses in the hospitality industry is thanks to our commitment to getting to know you. We carefully assess your needs, priorities and potential risks you may have overlooked. Our goal isn’t only to help you benefit from our knowledge of carriers and rates, we also want to build a positive working relationship and foster a sense of trust.

So, if you want a free quote on a completely customized hospitality insurance policy, just call (801) 446-3000 today.

Hospitality Insurance That Covers

When you have the right insurance policy for your Salt Lake City and Nationwide dealership, it can turn a crisis into a manageable situation. Rather than scramble to figure out how you can stay afloat amid a crisis, you can relax and spend the time giving your business the attention it needs to run smoothly.

Working with Intermountain Business Insurance means finding the policy and rates that work best for your budget and needs. When you give us a call today, let us know:

  • Business property insurance
  • Business liability insurance
  • Workers compensation
  • Hospitality errors and omission
  • Personal grooming services liability
  • Guest property
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Management liability
  • Employment practices liability

Since the team at Intermountain Business Insurance is committed to creating insurance packages that are designed to cover the specific needs of your hotel or resort, if you don’t see something you require listed here, don’t assume we can’t get it for you.

We have been providing local hotels and resorts with hospitality insurance packages for many years, so we know as well as anyone that no two hospitality businesses are identical. Just give us a call and tell us about what you need and we guarantee we can get it for you at an affordable price.

Don’t risk your business’s bottom line! Accidents and unfortunate events happen, so make sure you are protected.

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Hotels and resorts have unique insurance needs. No other insurance broker in the Salt Lake City and Nationwide area has more experience getting the best policies for businesses in the hospitality industry than Intermountain Business Insurance. So, make sure you have unique, comprehensive protection when you call (801) 446-3000.

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