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Flight School Insurance

Intermountain Business Insurance offers high-value insurance programs for flight schools. Our tailored solutions help flight schools of all sizes—whether big or small—save money on their insurance. Whether you operate a university flight school or a small training center as part of your business operations, we have you covered. Our comprehensive insurance programs give you maximum coverage while driving down your premium.

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Comprehensive Coverage for Flight Schools

We offer a complete range of policy options to give you the total coverage you deserve. Whether you need renters insurance, liability coverage, or more, our insurance team is here to help.

At Intermountain Business Insurance, we're more than insurance agents. We're pilots, aircraft mechanics, and flight instructors. We understand a flight school's insurance needs, and we use that deep working knowledge to provide better-quality advice and more comprehensive solutions. It's what sets us apart in the insurance industry—and what makes us the go-to choice for flight schools.

We can help:

  • Non-profit flying clubs
  • University flight schools
  • Unaffiliated flight schools
  • Private flight instructors
  • Rental fleets

Our wide range of insurance solutions allows us to deliver comprehensive coverage at incredibly competitive rates.

Custom Solutions, Cost-Effective Insurance

Get the policy you want at a price you can afford. Intermountain Business Insurance provides tailored insurance programs to give you the coverage you need without going over budget. Whether you run a part-time flight school or a university program, you can count on us to find ways to save you money. With over 60 years of experience, we know the aviation insurance industry better than anyone, and that knowledge always benefits our policyholders.

Our products include:

  • Liability and hull coverage
  • Renter insurance
  • Student/rental liability coverage
  • CFI insurance
  • ...and more

We're happy to discuss your insurance needs in a personalized consultation. Contact us to book a consultation to explore our products. We'll walk you through our policy options so you know all we can do for you—and so you see why we're your top choice for flight school insurance.

Find an Insurance Program That Works for You

Finding the right insurance for your flight school can be difficult. But not with our agents. We combine in-depth product knowledge, client-focused solutions, and expert money-saving strategies to get you the right policy for your operation. We work with you, identifying your needs while offering the quality guidance you need to know your best course of action. Your success is our success—your satisfaction, our top priority.

Flight School Insurance at Your Fingertips

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For flight training center insurance from a trusted provider, look no further than Intermountain Business Insurance. We've developed countless insurance programs for flight schools, all of which have benefitted from our tailored solutions and quality insurance options. Licensed in 43 states, we're the team you can trust.

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